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Handling Your Child's New Independence}


Handling Your Child's New Independence

As your child tries to take on the world with his growing independence, there are going to be moments where it needs to be held in check, for safety's sake, because you're running late for an appointment, etc. Where possible, help him figure out a solution, like wearing a pair of shoes that can slip on instead of being tied when you're running late and he insists on putting his shoes on himself. If you do have to correct his behavior, use specific and positive language. For example, instead of saying "Bad boy" when he runs inside the house, say "Please walk, you can fall and hurt yourself." Remember, it's the behavior that's "bad" or inappropriate, not your child.

Has your child achieved the following Self-Concept developmental milestones yet? If yes, check off all the skill(s) he has already mastered to date!

Sources: This development milestone tracker is not a learning disability screening tool or test. If you have any questions related to your child's development and learning abilities, please speak to your pediatrician and care providers for guidance and resources.