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I Love to Somersault! Your Child's Advances in Tumbling }

Active, Coordinated Movement

I Love to Somersault! Your Child's Advances in Tumbling

Your child's gross motor movements are growing in confidence, and he's capable of so much more than he was even a year ago. One of the areas in which he's improved is that of tumbling. He may be able to turn cartwheels, do different animal walks and hops, and somersault forward, and possibly backward, without help. Your child may not have perfected these skills yet, but with practice he's well on his way.

Has your child achieved the following Active, Coordinated Movement developmental milestones yet? If yes, check off all of the skill(s) he has already mastered to date.

Sources: This development milestone tracker is not a learning disability screening tool or test. If you have any questions related to your child's development and learning abilities, please speak to your pediatrician and care providers for guidance and resources.