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In a Nutshell...Your Baby at 9 Months Old}

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In a Nutshell...Your Baby at 9 Months Old

Now that your child is almost 9 months old, she should be very busy and active exploring the world around her!

Did you know that cognitive impairments are found in about 12 out of every 1,000 children? Cognitive delays cover a broad range of levels from mild to profound and can be caused by a number of factors, such as exposure to environmental toxins or complications that occurred just after birth. In addition, cognitive delays can overlap with issues in other learning domains. For example, if your child is not reaching for objects by the time she's one years old, is it because of a lack of interest (a cognitive delay) or a difficulty with muscle control (a physical delay)? Because this delay has two possible sources, it would be important to look for other symptoms when evaluating the condition.

As a parent or caregiver, be sure to continue looking out for any major developmental red flags that your child may show as she plays and interacts with others. If you notice any of the following traits or behaviors, you should speak to your care provider about your concerns as soon as possible.

Physical Development:

  • Cannot sit , even with help.
  • Drags one side of her body while crawling (for over one month).
  • Doesn't bear weight on her legs with support.
  • Doesn't transfer objects from one hand to the other.

Social Emotional Development:

  • Doesn't recognize familiar people.
  • Doesn't respond to own name.

Language Development:

  • Doesn't imitate sounds or gestures of others.
  • Doesn't make vowel sounds ("ah," "eh," and "oh").
  • Doesn't look where you point.

Cognitive Development:

  • Shows no interest in games of peek-a-boo.
  • Doesn't play any games involving back-and-forth play.

To review and check out all of your child's achievements to date, click on her 6-9 month old developmental milestone list.

Imitates sounds and gestures of others