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The Importance of Touch}

Sensory Exploration

The Importance of Touch

When your baby was born, she immediately started learning about her world through her Attachment and Trust and Sensory Exploration experiences with you, her primary caregiver. From 0-3 months, you will see your baby adapt to and process various experiences through her different senses, including touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. You will notice her turning her head towards familiar sounds and noises she hears (e.g. your voice, the family dog barking), looking at objects within 8"-12" (e.g. your face when you cuddle her up close), and sucking or turning towards mom's breast when she smells the scent of breast milk (e.g. her natural rooting reflex).

Has your baby achieved the following Attachment and Trust and Sensory Exploration developmental milestones yet? If yes, check off all the skill(s) she has already mastered to date!

Sources: This development milestone tracker is not a learning disability screening tool or test. If you have any questions related to your child's development and learning abilities, please speak to your pediatrician and care providers for guidance and resources.