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In a Nutshell...Your Baby at 12 Months Old}

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In a Nutshell...Your Baby at 12 Months Old

Your baby has had some amazing developments in the last three months, such as showing preferences, exploring her environment through cruising or walking, and saying a word or two. If she's not saying anything yet, you may find yourself wondering if she's just a late bloomer, or if something more is going on. There are many causes for delays in language development. Does your baby just seem to have a delay in speech, which could be related to producing the different sounds, or does she have trouble receiving and passing on information instead? As with all delays, early detection can be very important, so talk to your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

Although your baby has mastered many wonderful new skills at this point, be sure to be on the look out for major developmental red flags that she may show as she plays and interacts with others. If you notice any of the following traits or behaviors, you should speak to your care provider about your concerns as soon as possible.

Physical Development:

  • Doesn't crawl.
  • Can't stand when supported.

Language Development:

  • Doesn't say single words ("mama" or "dada", specific).
  • Doesn't learn to use gestures, such as waving or shaking head.
  • Doesn't point to objects or pictures.

Cognitive Development:

  • Doesn't search for objects that she sees you hide.
  • Loses skills she once had.

To review and check out all of your baby's achievements to date, click on her 9-12 month old developmental milestone list.