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In a Nutshell...Your Child at 18 Months Old}

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In a Nutshell...Your Child at 18 Months Old

Now that your child is approaching 18 months old, she is again making leaps and bounds in development. Physically, you'll see her walking and even running, and her fine motor skills will also be advancing. However, if she is still unable to walk, has difficulties with her pincer grasp, or has difficulties holding objects, you may want to have her tested for a motor delay. Defined as either gross (large muscle) or fine (small muscle) motor delays, these conditions are not uncommon and the good news is that early detection and treatment can often keep a delay from becoming a lifelong disability.

Although your child can do so many things on her own now, be sure to be on the look out for any major developmental red flags that she may exhibit when she plays and interacts with others. If you notice any of the following traits or behaviors, you should speak to your care provider about your concerns.

Social Emotional Development:

  • Doesn't notice or mind when a caregiver leaves or returns.

Language Development:

  • Doesn't speak at least fifteen (15) words.
  • Doesn't gain new words.
  • Doesn't point to show things to others.

Physical Development:

  • Can't walk.

Cognitive Development:

  • Doesn't know how to use common household objects (e.g. brush, telephone, fork, spoon).
  • Loses skills she once had.

To review and check out all of your child's achievements to date, click on her 12-18 month old developmental milestone list.