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Your Child's Development & Learning

Your Child's Evolving Mind}

Scientific Knowledge, Initiative and Curiosity

Your Child's Evolving Mind

As an adult, imagining distant places, historic events, or novel objects is so commonplace that you've probably never thought about this as a special ability. However, this is not something we're born with, and your child will develop this ability as she reaches 18-24 months old, interacting with the world using her improving mental abilities rather than simply her senses and motor skills as she did as a younger infant. Part of her Initiative and Curiosity will have her asking for the names of objects, and as she gathers this Scientific Knowledge, before long she'll be able to tell you, among other things, the parts of her body. Her mental skills, which now include Object Permanence, will also help her find well hidden objects and notice when her belongings are out of place.

Has your child achieved the following Scientific Knowledge and Initiative and Curiosity developmental milestones yet? If yes, check off all the skill(s) she has already mastered to date!

Sources: This development milestone tracker is not a learning disability screening tool or test. If you have any questions related to your child's development and learning abilities, please speak to your pediatrician and care providers for guidance and resources.