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Now that your toddler is increasingly active and curious about the world around her, you’ll want to keep up with all of the latest research and resources for early education. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone. Just select your toddler’s age stage below to learn more about what you can expect of her growth and development and how you can help her get ahead of the curve.

Playful Bee

Education Team at Playful Bee
Playful Bee is an e-Preschool that delivers inquiry-based preschool learning from the classroom to your home. Our preschool curriculum was created by our talented team of rock star teachers. With years of hands-on preschool and Kindergarten teaching experience, they've developed a high-quality preschool experience that is convenient-to-use and easy-to-teach by you, grandparents, or your nanny at home.

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