"Play is the Work of the Child" -- Maria Montessori
Boost your child's social-emotional, language, physical, and cognitive growth with a daily dose of play nutrition: open-ended, authentic play.

Play Nutrition

What is Play NutritionTM?

You're probably very familiar with the USDA's dietary recommendations for kids and adults. Recently, the well-known Food Pyramid has been replaced with an updated version known as My Plate. My Plate offers an easy-to-use visual representation of the foods your child needs to grow up healthy and strong. Follow these recommendations, and your child is off to a great start in life.

At Playful Bee, we believe that play is just as vital to a child's healthy development as access to nutritious food. Anthropologists have discovered that play is one of the essential ingredients found in every culture on the planet. Toys, including dolls, swords, and marbles, have been found at archeological digs worldwide. Through play, children learn about the world and themselves. They explore frightening or complex emotions and situations and learn to master them. They develop the skills necessary for adult life.

More specifically, play helps build a child's cognitive, physical, language, and social-emotional development. We've developed a Play NutritionTM visual similar to the USDA's My Plate, which shows the many benefits of play. Use the Play NutritionTM guide to ensure a balanced approach to play and make sure your child gets a healthy dose every day.

For more information:

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